1. Apply safety rules and regulations in joinery and cabinet-making operation.
  2. Plan and organize joinery and cabinet-making work.
  3. Select timber for joinery and cabinet-making operations.
  4. Use and maintain basic hand tools used in joinery and cabinet making.
  5. Construct basic timber joints by hand.
  6. Read and produce basic sketches and drawings used in joinery and cabinet-making operations.
  7. Perform basic estimations, measurements, and calculations related to joinery and cabinet making.
  8. Manufacture basic timber products.
  9. Perform wood surface finishing processes.
  10. Use and maintain portable power tools used in joinery and cabinet operations
  11. Install basic finished products as part of  joinery and cabinet making operation
  12. Perform basic leveling as part of Joinery and cabinet-making operations.

The application can be downloaded here: KAYEC Online application 2023