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In location areas of three towns and cities, public schools refer highest-need learners for multi-year school support.

Exam Preparation and Support
Photo: Otjiwaorngo students preparing for the exams.  Success on any exam requires not just preparation and resource utilization, but also an indirect link to the learner’s confidence level. The better-prepared candidates are, the more self-assured they are.
Our after-school-centers, make sure the learners in school, are prepared and receive the necessary support before and during the exam.
Thanks to all our sponsors that believe in the work with do with the youth in Namibia.



Photo: Ms. Makanga seated in the middle. “Girls need clean and soft absorbent sanitary products which in the long run protect their health, and also help a girls child to continue their school without missing any classes.” Says Ms. Makanga. This week Ms. Lanna Makanga through her charity work, collected 65 sanitary pads, which she donated to the KAYEC Youth Development programme in Rundu. Ms. Lanna Makanga promised to visit the center and have educational topics during the Girls-Club sessions and help support the girl-child in the region. Thank you Ms. Lanna Makanga!!


Participants received certificates for best achievements in different categories
Volunteers Leadership Training at Nkwazi Lodge and Camping


Enroll at our Rundu, Otjiwarongo, and Windhoek Centers to improve your academic performance. Trained tutors will assist you with your subjects at school, particularly English, Mathematics and Science.  

   You will also learn who to ride a bicycle and participate in regional and national competitions


You will also participate and advocate for current issues that are affecting children and youth in our society, like Gender-Based Violence.