Office of the first lady at Kayec Youth Development program

“Any country, any society which does not care for its children is no nation at all,” ~Nelson Mandela

We at KYD were blessed with the presence of the office of the first lady H.E Monica Geingos, for the third time this year, with the aim of sparking a conversation on violence, alcohol and substance abuse, basic children rights and responsibilities.

At the gathering Geingos encouraged the KYD participants not to be afraid of speaking out on their emotions and finding someone to talk to and ask for help. “We as a nation tend to focus more on the teenagers, and we tend a blind eye on the younger ones, who are also exposed to the street life. We don’t focus on what they might be going through with the illusion that they are just too young to understand; when in reality they absorb everything happening around them” she stressed.

She also encouraged the children to know who they are not, but most importantly know who they are. Geingos further told the participants at KYD to be confident, believe in themselves and practice self-love.

As a nation we can take an example from our first lady to care for our children’s wellbeing and education, as the future of our nation is in their hands.

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