Electrical General

Did you ever ask yourself why a light bulb lights up when you turn on the switch? Do you want to know what the energy source which runs big parts of Namibia actually is and how you can use it to improve peoples life? Then this is the perfect vocational training for you!
In the Electrical General course at KAYEC we cover the installation of one-way, two-way and intermediate switches for basic light installation. This also extends to the knowledge about single and double tube  fluorescent and sodium vapor lamps. You will also learn about 3 heat stove switches and the installation of those devices and systems according to installation drawings and connection charts. If any problems occur it is also your responsibility to use the multimeter for testing the electric circuit and finding any issues to fix them. So if this sounds interesting to you and you would like to start a career as an electrician, then this is exactly the right vocational training for you!


  • Duration: 6 months (two intakes per year, starting in January and July)
  • NTA-level: 1
  • Available in Ondangwa AND Windhoek


  1. Safety rules and regulations in an Electrical environment.
  2. Use of hand and power tools safely in Electrical environment.
  3. Introduction to Magnetism and Transformers.
  4. Design and construct a single three phase Electrical circuit.
  5. Install, repair and maintain lighting systems and structures.
  6. Apply knowledge of basic circuit protection devices.
  7. Apply knowledge of Electrical cable, accessories and install cables.
  8. Use test equipment’s for Electrical measures.
  9. Perform basic installation and testing of wiring single/three phase domestic and industrial Electrical circuits.


  • Engineering Science
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • First Aid
  • HIV
  • Mathematics
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Technical Drawing


  • Applying at a company with the KAYEC certificate
  • Opening your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Participate in NTA-assessment if your KAYEC grades match the NTA-requirements
  • Further studies of Electrical General at different institutions (Level 2 etc.)
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