Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Have you always wanted to work with water? Would you like to play an important role in supplying households and businesses with fresh water? Then this is the vocational training for you!
Part of this course is how to measure and cut different types of pipes in plumbing operations according to technical drawings. You also learn to assemble those pipes by cutting threads with a threading machine on galvanized pipes and soft soldering on copper pipes to build up fresh and waste water pipe systems. These systems are installed in premises for fresh water supply and waste water drainage. Part of this is also the installation of water closet pan for hygiene purposes and the maintenance of taps.
So if you enjoy the work with water installations, why not apply now?!


  • Duration: 6 months (two intakes per year, starting in January and July)
  • NTA-level: 1


  1. Apply safety rules and regulations in Plumbing operations.
  2. Use and maintain hand tools used in Plumbing operations.
  3. Handle and store plumbing materials.
  4. Read and produce basic sketches and drawings used in Plumbing operations.
  5. Carry out basic excavations as part of Plumbing operations.
  6. Perform basic estimations, measurements, and calculations as part of Plumbing operations.
  7. Plan and organize Plumbing work.
  8. Perform soft soldering as part of Plumbing operations.
  9. Perform basic sheet metal work as part of Plumbing operations.
  10. Work safely on scaffolding, work platforms, and ladders as part of Plumbing operations.
  11. Perform basic pipe-work as part of Plumbing operations.
  12. Carry out basic maintenance of domestic Plumbing installations.


  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • First Aid
  • HIV
  • Mathematics / Numeracy
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Technical Drawing


  • Applying at a company with the KAYEC certificate
  • Opening your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Participate in NTA-assessment if your KAYEC grades match the NTA-requirements
  • Further studies in Plumbing or a related trade at other institutions (e.g. NAMCOL VTC)
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