Joinery and Cabinet Making

Do you like to work with natural materials, the smell of freshly cut wood and to construct something useful with your own hands? You like being creative and to realize your own ideas? Then this is your vocational training!
The course includes the use of hand tools, such as geometric, percussion, holding and abrading tools. In addition to that you will also use portable power tools, like circular and jig saws, drill machines, router machines and orbital sanders. With those tools you will learn in the first place to manufacture different types of wood joints. Secondly you will also learn to combine those simple structures to form up durable furniture and other wooden products, such as chairs, tables and doors.
If you want to give your creativity a chance and want to become a professional in processing of natural materials, this is the perfect vocational training for you!


  • Duration: 6 months (two intakes per year, starting in January and July)
  • NTA-level: 1


  1. Select timber for joinery and cabinet-making operations.
  2. Use and maintain basic hand tools used in joinery and cabinet making.
  3. Construct basic timber joints by hand.
  4. Read and produce basic sketches and drawings used in joinery and cabinet-making operations.
  5. Perform basic estimations, measurements, and calculations related to joinery and cabinet making.
  6. Manufacture basic timber products.
  7. Perform wood surface finishing processes.
  8. Use and maintain portable power tools used in joinery and cabinet operations.
  9. Install basic finished products as part of  joinery and cabinet making operation.


  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HIV
  • Mathematics / Numeracy
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Technical Drawing


  • Applying at a company with the KAYEC certificate
  • Opening your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Participate in NTA-assessment if your KAYEC grades match the NTA-requirements
  • Further studies of Joinery and Cabinet Making (Level 2 etc.)
  • Further studies in a related trade, such as Carpentry
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