Are you interested in cars and complex technology?
Do you have a knack for mechanics but are also interested in electronics? Then this is the vocational training for you!
Automechatronics is about troubleshooting and repairing defective vehicles. Automotive technicians use a wide variety of tools. They range from a multimeter for voltage testing, to a ratchet for (dis)assembling components, to welding machines for body repair.
If you enjoy the large variety of this trade and you are generally interested in technology, a vocational training as an automotive mechatronics technician at KAYEC could be just the right choice to start your career!

Facts about the Course

  • Duration: 6 months (two intakes per year, starting in January and July)
  • NTA-level: 2
  • Available in Ondangwa and Windhoek

Content of the Course

  1. Apply safety rules and regulations in an automotive mechanics workshop
  2.  Apply Automotive Mechanics service tools and equipment.
  3. Plan, organize and complete work in an Automotive Mechanics environment
  4. Clean and finish the interior, exterior and components of an automobile.
  5. Apply knowledge of basic components of an automobile
  6. Use basic metal processing tools in Automotive Mechanics.
  7. Apply basic metal joining techniques used in automotive mechanics.

Compulsory Generic Subjects

  • Engineering Science
  • English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • First Aid
  • HIV
  • Mathematics
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Technical Drawing

Perspectives after Passing the Course

  • Applying at a company with the KAYEC certificate
  • Opening your own business as an entrepreneur
  • Participate in NTA-assessment if your KAYEC grades match the NTA-requirements
  • Further studies of automechatronics (Level 3 etc.)


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