VIDEO: Drama club on Tupopyeni, NBC TV

KAYEC’s got talent! Watch the clip that kicked off Tupopyeni’s talk show about school discipline, 19 April 2016.

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation called on KAYEC’s school support teens again this month, to get the conversation rolling on the national talk show, Tupopyeni, on 19 April 2016, by showing the country what discipline is really like at public schools. In two days, our Windhoek drama club prepared this scene about their experiences and recorded with the NBC crew.

Judith Wilhelm, who plays the teacher, is a two-year club veteran who led the brainstorming with the other youths. She explains how they improvise to create their stories: “Everyone just throws in whatever ideas they can get, and then we just went with the flow. We didn’t even rehearse – we just talked about what happens in the first scene, what happens in the second scene … This is your part, this is what you do.”

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