Skills training

If you are over 16 and out of school, KAYEC wants to help you train your job skills so you can find work and help your family and community. There are no entry requirements and no high fees: just good-quality courses to power up your career.

Click here to see our courses for 2016. You can sign up any time: Come in person to a KAYEC training centre in Windhoek – Wanaheda or Ondangwa. All you need to bring is a certified copy of your ID or birth certificate, a certified copy of your highest school grade, and half of your course fee (see each course for amounts). We’ll help with the rest!

See our latest skills training updates below.

Note: KAYEC can not refund payments that you have already made on a course.

Want to dig deeper? See our impact figures at Skills training: How we work.


The purpose of this day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership amongst the youth. KAYEC Entrepreneurship day is the perfect day to celebrate the people who have and wants to starts a business. Please come and support our trainees and use this opportunity to view  their products as well.

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