Join Us 12 March! “Mass Destruction Against Poverty”

At 11h00 on Saturday, 12 March, our trainees are launching a walk against poverty at Zoopark in Windhoek – come join us!

Herman Munghanya, Road to Poverty Eradication chairman, calls on youths to join the campaign on NBC Radio's "Current Affairs," 9 March 2016.
Herman Munghanya, Road to Poverty Eradication chairman, calls on youths to join the campaign on NBC Radio’s “Current Affairs,” 9 March 2016.

A group of KAYEC vocational trainees have starting a new youth campaign to help create jobs and end poverty in Namibia: The Road to Poverty Eradication. Come show your support the morning of 12 March, 2016, at the Save a Life Today awareness day organised by the Windhoek Junior Council, with a walk starting at the Zoopark amphitheatre.

The Road to Poverty Eradication campaign is the first of its kind, whereby youths from the KAYEC training centre in Wanaheda have joined together to fight poverty by creating employment for the vocational trainees and Namibian youths at large. The campaign aims to create a group of companies owned by 25 qualified male and female KAYEC graduates, and employing more than 300 youths. Current supporters include the National Youth Council, Regional Councillor Martin Davids, the Youth Economic Empowerment Programme, and RLabs Namibia hosted by the Namibia Business Innovation Institute, based at NUST.

Their campaign is one of the exhibitors at the Windhoek Junior Council awareness day, “Save a Life Today,” which creates a platform for upcoming young entrepreneurs to market and sell their products, and for secondary-school youths to get educational, social and psychological information and guidance that will help them make informed decisions about their lives. The Youth Council expects 500 adolescents to attend.

All participants at the awareness day can join the walk. From 8h00 to 10h30, the public at Zoopark will join in painting a Road to Poverty Eradication banner for the event. The campaign will make a short presentation about its goals at the Zoopark amphitheatre at 11h00, after which the public will walk around the Zoopark area bearing the banner and campaign signs, sending the message that “Mass Destruction Against Poverty” in Namibia depends on us.

Want to know more? Contact Herman Munghanya, the Road to Poverty Eradication chairman, at